One of the most important considerations that a home owner should have after resolving a pest infestation is to perform some type of preventive maintenance in order to keep the infestation from recurring.  In Massachusetts the most problematic pests that a home owner has to deal with are bats, birds, bees, skunks, raccoons, squirrels and other such rodents.  One thing to consider is the condition of the roof or perhaps some rotting facia boards behind the gutters.  If either of these is in poor shape then replacement might be the best solution.  Sometime the presence of foundation gaps create major access points into the home for smaller creatures such as mice, chipmunks, snakes and squirrels.  Sealing these gaps is a must to prevent future infestations.

Many of the service calls that
Bees, Bats and Beyond performs includes the removal of animals from beneath a shed or deck structure.  Exclusionary work to keep animals from nesting at these locations is accomplished by installing a wire mesh barrier alongside the perimeter of the structure.  Check out the Exclusion Work section for more information and photos.

Another problem that the home owner might encounter is the invasion of either birds or animals inside a
chimney or fireplace.  A chimney cap installation would resolve this type of a problem.  Check out the Chimney Cap Installation section for more information.

If you are presently experiencing any of the above mentioned problems or you fear the possibility of developing such a problem in the future then please contact
Bees, Bats and Beyond for an inspection and/or consultation to remedy the situation.

What steps should I take after a pest removal ?

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