​There are three types of squirrels that we must deal with here in Massachusetts.  We have the red squirrel, the gray squirrel and the flying squirrel.  Red squirrels are diurnal meaning that they prefer  to be active during daylight hours.  Gray squirrels on the other hand are crepuscular which means that they are usually active at dawn and dusk although you might occasionally see them roaming around during the middle of the day.  Flying squirrels on the other hand are nocturnal and are hardly ever seen since they prefer to be active at night.  A large percentage of the people residing here in Massachusetts are not even aware that flying squirrels even exist.

Two flying squirrels recently removed from bedroom ceiling.

There is time for work just as there is time for play and still accomplish the goal.  While cleaning a garage loft I came across a dehydrated gray squirrel which I decided to use as a hood ornament.

A gray squirrel in one of my traps located on top of a gutter.

Video of flying squirrel trap installation in bedroom ceiling

Squirrel Removal

​Flying squirrels in attic

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