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Video of a skunk removal from underneath a shed.  Shed was previously enclosed in vinyl-coated wire mesh.  Trap was set at only remaining exit hole.

Skunk Removal

While doing this skunk removal work I videotaped the conditions of the customer's lawn.  This video shows the amount of damage that a skunk can do while searching for grubs in your lawn.  Judging by the staggered frequency of the visits I determined that the culprit was a male skunk making his timely rounds around his territory.  If this was a female skunk the damage would have been more consistent.  Although both male and female skunks do use various locations for nesting within their territory females tend to stay put in one nest location during the winter weather.  Also, females have a smaller range than males.  Considering the unnatural winter weather that we have had here in New England (freeze/thaw) it took 6 weeks to get this skunk into the trap.