Do you have skunks, raccoons, birds or bats roosting in your attic, crawlspace or chimney?  I can remove these critters from your home without the use of any chemicals or poisons while minimizing the possibility of injuring them in the process.

Has your home been overwhelmed with the smell of a rotting animal or bird carcass which has fallen down the chimney and into the smoke chamber of your fireplace? Or perhaps you are wondering what is causing the rotting odor/smell that is coming from beneath your deck, shed or crawl space outside of your kitchen window.  Here at Bees, Bats and Beyond we have the right equipment, knowledge and experience to perform dead animal removal services.

I am a strong believer against the use of
poisons for animal removal.  The use of poisons can affect other non-target species.  Poisons can also lead to dying animals crawling beneath your home or into your walls and ceiling spaces creating additional odor problems.

After removing/excluding the critters from the property it is important to make sure all
gaps and access holes are sealed to prevent any future infestations.  This sealing process involves the use of wire mesh and expanding foam to secure all gaps which are usually located along the roofline and/or foundation.  The wire mesh creates a strong seal which prevents animals from chewing their way back into the home.  The expanding foam is what actually locks the wire mesh in place and also seals any drafts that might be associated with that gap.

Sometimes animals find their way underneath a shed, building, porch or deck.  In this case the best way to keep them out is to install a
wire mesh "skirt" along the perimeter of the structure.  To see wire mesh skirt work check the "Exclusions / Chimney Repairs" button below.

Each situation is different and might require a different technique in order to accomplish success.  If you are interested in learning the best possible solution(s) available to deal with your particular problem then contact
Bees, Bats and Beyond to schedule for an inspection of your property and/or a consultation.


Once upon a time one of my clients happened to have this short-tailed weasel running around her bedroom.

A young fox got his head stuck inside a bait station and was suffering in the sun's heat for quite some time before I was able to set it free.

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