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How long does it take to perform an animal removal?

How long does it take to perform an animal removal ?

One thing that a home owner should bear in mind when thinking about animal removal is that the work required to do the job correctly does not get accomplished instantly.  Animal removal work can be time consuming and might require more than one or perhaps several types of tools to get the job done properly. My animal removal services include the use of traps, exclusionary devises and/or preventive maintenance.  Think about this...once you get rid of the nuisance animal what will keep that animal or another from returning to your property and re-establishing itself as before. Your problem has started all over again.

There are also many factors that dictate the length of time that a removal might take.  These include location, weather conditions, time of year, mating rituals, nesting activities and other such factors which pertain to the specific animal species.

Some of the locations where animals decide to build their nest are sometimes inaccessible to humans and setting traps at these locations might be difficult.  Beside traps, other means might be required to get the animals out of the building prior to repairing the access holes to prevent any future infestations.

The home owner might think that just purchasing a trap on his/her own and setting it at the location where the problem animal was observed will make the animal enter the trap.  That might not be the case in certain circumstances.  Some animals are skittish and reluctant to enter a trap even if set with the right type of bait.

Also, there are different types and sizes of traps on the market just as there are various types of bait that are required to catch a specific type of animal.  Using the wrong type of bait might attract non-target animals that will keep setting off the traps thus wasting precious time.

Case in point:  I got a call to remove a skunk out of someone's personal trap.  The client's intentions were to catch a woodchuck who was invading the client's garden.  Instead of "Woody" going in the trap "Pepe Le Pew" managed to get in first.

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