Deteriorating Roof Rafters - Repair                                                Click on photo gallery to enlarge

The gable roof truss at the corner of this home was rotted and needed to be partially replaced.  A small section of the roof sub-layer also needed to be reinforced.

This Retaining Wall was built in order to prevent upper lawn area from collapsing into back yard.


​​​Carpentry & Repairs


Shed Ramp Construction                                                                         Click on photo gallery to enlarge


​​​​​On this page of the website you can view some of my exclusionary work as well as other work that I offer which does not necessarily pertain to pest removal services.

Under Deck Exclusion Work                                                                      Click on photo gallery to enlarge 



Squirrel Removal & Repair                                                     Click on photo gallery to enlarge

Skunks kept accessing the area underneath the deck.  A vinyl-coated wire mesh was installed to keep all critters out.

Retaining Wall Construction                                                                          Click on photo gallery to enlarge

The following photos shows the conditions of a small cottage that was in need of some exterior "tender-loving-care". The conditions along the roof line show the deteriorating wood that created an access hole for squirrels to make their home in the attic.  In this case gray squirrels became the target.  Initially the work entailed removing rotting wood and replacing it with new lumber.  After repairing all of the exterior damage an exclusionary device was installed to remove the squirrels from the attic space.  After all the squirrels were removed the structure was sealed permanently.

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