Pigeons are another species of birds that can sometimes become a nuisance to the home owner.  Besides the possibility of pigeons being carriers of disease they also can create large accumulations of feces on the ground, on building walls and/or window sills which could in itself become a health hazard.  Their nesting activities also contribute to health and aesthetic problems.

Sometimes I come across injured birds or animals while on the way from or to a job.  In this case I found a female robin sitting on an egg in the middle of the roadway.  I believe that the bird was possibly scared or injured while in flight and was actually ready to lay an egg.  I later placed her in an empty robin's nest  under my deck.

​Here we have a short video of some young nuthatches in a nest awaiting mom to bring them some food.

​​​​​Many bird and animal species in Massachusetts are protected by law and can not be destroyed.  Woodpeckers are one of these bird species that are commonly found around the home. They might be cute to look at but can become a nuisance when they start hammering on the walls of your home thereby creating a series of holes on your siding. Aside from the structural damage these birds can cause, the hammering action can be nerve-wrecking at times. There are various reasons why woodpeckers perform such activities. Woodpeckers are territorial and they might be hammering to attract a mate or to keep the competition away. Another reason they hammer is to search for insects possibly living within the walls of your home. Sometimes a machine or piece of equipment within the home could be making noises that trick the bird into thinking that there are insects within the walls. Whatever the reasons might be which attract these birds to your home, my services can decrease or prevent the problem from continuing .

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