This video shows an attic gable vent removal to access the damaged wire mesh, to remove the bat guano accumulation and bat bugs.

Bat Removal

Have you noticed stains or blotches on your ceilings or walls?  Are you wondering whether they are water marks or perhaps urine stains from some unwanted guest?  Have you ventured into your attic or crawl space and noticed large piles of guano (bat, raccoon, squirrel fecal matter) on top of your insulation or floor boards.  Does the area have a strong odor of ammonia?  If so your home has been invaded by pests such as bats, raccoons, squirrels or other rodents.

Fecal accumulations not only produce unwanted odors but can actually create hazardous conditions for the home owner and its inhabitants.  Locations of large feces accumulations create an ideal place for germs,viruses and other pathogens to thrive.  The slightest disturbance of these sites could disperse the minute particles that would travel through the air and then be either inhaled or deposited onto their host (you).  If you have found these conditions within your home you should take immediate action by calling Bees, Bats and Beyond for an inspection, consultation and/or estimate to have these critters removed from your home.


If you would like some information on possible pathogens that might be of concern to you and your family go to (CDC) the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  CDC is a government agency that is part of the Department of Health and Human Services.  It provides information, among other things, to keep the public informed about protecting their health.  The CDC will give you a list of possible parasites, viruses and other type of pathogens that one could contract by coming in touch with or merely  being in the presence of bird and animal feces.  Be aware that just because there is an absence of feces it does not mean that everything is fine.  Usually pests are carriers of ticks, lice, flees and other such parasites whereby their mere presence could create a hazardous health condition.

​Bat flying around inside an attic.  I previously removed over 300 bats from this attic.  Sometimes one or two bats manage to elude me and must be removed by catching instead of exclusion. 

This video shows 3 bats which were removed from a gable vent.  Mom and 2 young pups were placed on a nearby tree to await nightfall.

​The following photos show before & after pictures of an attic guano removal and cleanup performed by Bees, Bats and Beyond.

​Bat Guano Removal ​                                                                                                                         Click on photo gallery to enlarge

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