1.  It is illegal in the State of Massachusetts to catch an animal on your property  and releasing /relocating it somewhere else.

  2.  By r
elocating a problem animal you are only transferring your problem to another location.

 3.  The
relocation will create competition for food, nesting sites and territory  for the animal at the new location.

 4.  A
relocated animal can be the carrier of disease which could affect the health of humans and animals at the new location, including pets and farm  animals.

  5.  Some 
relocated animals can find their way back to their original territory even if transported long distances.

 6.  A
relocated animal’s chance of survival is diminished because once outside of its environment it may encounter competition from same species of animal, could become road-kill or will be killed by dogs, cats or other animals due to unfamiliarity of territory.

If you have a pest problem on your property and you happen to catch that pest why would you want to transfer your problem to another home owner.  If you don't have the heart to euthanize the animal then don't attempt to pass-on the problem to someone else.

People purchase these so-called
"Catch-Em-Live" traps thinking that they will have a clear conscious by catching and releasing the animal.  By relocating the animal you are actually in violating of Massachusetts State Laws and you are also making that animal suffer along with the animals already located at the new release site.

My preferred method of animal control is to
catch and release on the owner's property.  I usually leave this to the property owner's discretion, but I will not relocate!

The removal of a
problem animal is only the first step in alleviating your pest control problem.  If you require more information on how to deal with your pest situation then contact Bees, Bats and Beyond for an inspection and/or consultation.  I can inspect your property, provide technical advice and offer preventative maintenance services to keep these critters away. 

About Animal Disposal / Relocation

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