* Although my services deal with
pest control I am NOT an exterminator or pesticide agent and use no poisons in my work except for the removal of wasps/hornets.

* I am licensed in Massachusetts as a 
Problem Animal Control (PAC) Agent.

* Sideline activities include
beekeeping, caving, carpentrygardening, koi-pond maintenance, growing carnivorous plants.

* Throughout the year we have a limited quantity of raw, unprocessed
Honey for Sale!

*** We sell our honey for $6.00/lb.

***We do not use any types of chemicals on our bees nor do we medicate them.  ***So....our honey is unadulterated!***

                    Richard Holub
          75 Cranberry Meadow Rd.
               Spencer, MA 01562

                (508) 450-9035 (C) *** Preferred # ***

               (508) 885-2000 (H)

About Us

*** (508) 450-9035 (C)       (508) 885-2000 (H)   

75 Cranberry Meadow Rd., Spencer, MA 01562

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A member of the following organizations:

Bat Conservation International
Worcester County Beekeepers association        http:/
Massachusetts Beekeepers Association
                             Boston Grotto (Caving Club)
     National Speleological Society  

Richard Holub - Owner
Over 39 years experience
Licensed and Insured
Offering Services Throughout Central Massachusetts
Specializing in Removal of Fur-Bearing Animals and Honeybees, Feces Cleanup, Exclusion Work and Repair