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Have you discovered honeybees living inside the walls and/or ceilings of your home and are in fear of being stung?

Has your home been overwhelmed with the smell of a rotting animal or bird carcass which has fallen down the chimney and into the smoke chamber of your fireplace? Or perhaps you are wondering what is causing the rotting odor/smell that is coming from beneath your deck, shed or crawl space outside of your kitchen window.

At Bees, Bats and Beyond we have the right equipment, knowledge and experience to perform dead animal removal services.


Do you have skunks, raccoons, birds or bats roosting in your attic, crawlspace or chimney?  I can remove these critters from your home without the use of any chemicals or poisons while minimizing the possibility of injuring them in the process.


After excluding the critters from the property it is important to consider some form of prevention. After all, you don't want the same thing happening again in the near future!?   If you are interested in learning the best possible solution(s) available to deal with these critters, then contact Bees, Bats and Beyond to schedule for an inspection and/or consultation of your property.


For more information on honeybee removal, bird removal, animal removal, attic guano cleanup, odor/smell removal, carpentry work, exclusionary work, or chimney cap installations follow the links below.

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Raccoon Kit Removal


Bee Removal

Bee removal services usually involves opening up a wall and/or ceiling to access the bee colony. This procedure is referred to as a

Most of the bee removal work takes approximately 4 to 8 hours of work time.  Although getting the structure back to its original condition can sometimes be accomplished on the same day sometimes it could take an additional day or two, depending on the weather, time of year and/or other unprecedented situations.

On some structures it is not practical or feasible to do a cutout. Such might be the case when the structure is made out of brick, metal or stucco. This requires a different technique called a "trap-out or extraction". In order to do a successful bee removal utilizing the extraction technique some bee equipment has to be set up at a strategic location and has to remain there for a specific amount of time. This procedure usually takes longer and is slightly more costly due to the time requirement. An extraction can take anywhere from one week to as long as six weeks depending on the weather and location of the bee colony as well as the time of year. For information on bee removal work go to my Honeybee Removal page.


Bird Removal

Many bird and animal species in Massachusetts are protected by law and can not be destroyedWoodpeckers are one of these bird species that are commonly found around the home. They might be cute to look at but can become a nuisance when they start hammering on the walls of your home thereby creating a series of holes on your siding. Aside from the structural damage these birds can cause, the hammering action can be nerve-wrecking at times. There are various reasons why woodpeckers perform such activities. Woodpeckers are territorial and they might be hammering to attract a mate or to keep the competition away. Another reason they hammer is to search for insects possibly living within the walls of your home. Sometimes a machine or piece of equipment within the home could be making noises that trick the bird into thinking that there are insects within the walls. Whatever the reason might be that attracts these birds to your home, my services can remedy the problem and prevent any further bird activities from taking place around your home.
I also do bird removals for non-protected species such as pigeons, starlings and sparrows. For more information on bird removals got to my Bird Removal section.


Rodent and Animal Removal

If your problem involves skunks, raccoons, squirrels and other rodents that are affecting areas of your home I can eradicate these intruders through various means.  The best way to do this is NOT through the use of poisons which could affect other non-target animalsPoisons can also lead to dying animals crawling beneath your home or into your wall and ceiling spaces creating odor problems.



How long does it take to perform an animal removal ?

The time required to remove a bird or animal from your home could vary.  Sometimes the animal can be caught immediately.  If it is necessary to set up traps or exclusionary devices the animal could be removed within a day or two.  On occasions the time required to do an animal removal could take a little longer and that all depends on several factors.  These factors include location, weather conditions, time of year, mating rituals, nesting activities and other such factors which pertain to the specific animal species.

My animal removal services include the use of traps, exclusionary devises and/or preventive maintenance.  Think about this...once you get rid of the nuisance animal what will keep that animal or another from returning to your property and re-establishing itself as before. Your problem has started all over again.  For more information on rodent and animal removal go to my Animal Removal page.


If you are interested in finding out more about my animal removal services including bee removal and bird removal do not hesitate to call me for a consultation, estimate and/or proposal.

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